Dolphin Olympics

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dolphin-olympics-2-screenshotFor those who have enjoyed playing older versions of the dolphin Olympic, the third version is a good one that one will fall in love with. In the new version, one trains the dolphin to do some tricks and then use the trained dolphin to compete with others for the gold, silver and bronze trophies. The first stage of the new version before one begins his quest to win trophies is training. One must enter into a training camp and train the dolphin to do some tricks. The previous version of the game enabled the dolphin to perform some maneuvers such as tail slide and leading fish out of the waters. However, in the new version, such tricks would only bore the audience and the judges. Therefore, this version is where the player gets serious and learns more maneuvers. The most important trick here is to train the dolphin how to jump and perform a loop flip. The second stage is the competition stage. Since one has trained his dolphin to do some tricks, the next stage is to take the dolphin to compete with others so as to win prizes.

Winning the gold prize, one gets 5000 coins, silver earns 3000 coins while bronze earns 1000 coins. In addition, one can use the coins he/she has won to buy other equipment for training purposes. Further, when one wants to go to the next level, he must have won the gold medal at each location. Indeed, one can travel to Florida, China, France, Miami and other adventurous destinations of the world only when he wins gold. At the coins shop, one can purchase a wide range of goods including dolphin tanks, clothing and training equipment. In addition, since one purchases goods according to the prizes they won, one will want to buy he most extravagant, but affordable goods. Further, on the control panel, one has many control options to learn and use. More importantly, although there is no use of explicit language in the game, parents should assist children to play due to the complexity of the game.

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